Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We Have a WINNER - Martin Guitar String Giveaway!

Martin's NEW Lifespan SP Strings treated with Cleartone!

The WINNER of Eclectic Sound's Summer Guitar Gear Giveaway is JOHN M. of New Jersey who wrote:

"That's easy - Playing the guitar on the deck in the summer reminds me of the summer of 1976 (and who doesn't want to remember being 18 again?) when we would haul our band equipment (who doen't wish they held on to that 62 Strat?) onto our drummer's patio a few times a week and practice the entire Peter Frampton Comes Alive album until Mr. Temborelli shouted from his window and threatened to call the police."

John Wins:

1 Set 80/20 Bronze Mediums

1 Set 80/20 Bronze Custom Lights

1 Set .012 Phosphor Bronze Lights

1 Set .012 Bronze Lights

Thanks to all of you who posted your thoughtful entries.  Look for our next Guitar Gear Giveaway at Eclectic Sound!