Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Planet Waves Mini Headstock Tuner Review

NEW!  Planet Waves Summer NAMM release of their Mini Headstock Tuner

Planet Waves, the ultimate innovator in guitar gear has in fact done it again.  As if it were possible to top their already super small Headstock Tuner, they have topped even that.  Unlike the previous Headstock and Dual Action Capo Tuners, (which are fantastic by the way), the new NS Mini Headstock Tuner actually gives you the note.  This makes it even more complete because now you can see the actual note or key for more sure tuning.  Don't let the tiny size fool you.  Planet Waves makes some of the most accurate guitar tuners on the market.

Planet Waves NEW Mini Headstock Tuner
The new Mini Headstock Tuner still uses the red to green indicator to tell you when "you're there" but it is so small, it can rest nearly unnoticed on your headstock.  No need to remove it!  

UPDATE:  We tested this tuner in the studio on a Martin HD-28 acoustic which is a very loud and powerful guitar.  Martins are known for their booming lows which causes some tuners not to read the low E at all.  This wasn't a problem with this tuner and both the high and low E's were easily detected.  

Once you adjust the clip to the width of the headstock, there is really no need to take it off the instrument.  Just keep in mind that you'll be looking at the underside of the headstock to read it.  Not a problem because the LED lit screen is very bright and clear.  It also automatically turns off after a set time if no signal is detected which will save battery life.  This tuner takes watch batteries but due to its size, you'll see why no other type would fit.

Some musicians prefer to see the actual note they are tuning to which is a plus with this tuner.  Each note that registers is clear and bright with extra lines to tell you if you're going sharp or flat.  Really I would recommend it being kept on the headstock as it is so small, it would be quite easy to leave behind! 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Great Guitar Gifts for Under $100!

Yes, it's that time of year again. Christmas! Most of these featured items are way below $100 with perhaps just one, (the Audio-Technica Headphones), being a bit more. 
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