Sunday, December 26, 2010

Studio Side: Audio Technica's AT4081 Ribbon Mic

Audio Technica's 4081 Ribbon Mic brings a new dimension in clarity and airiness to recording studio tracks. Amazingly versatile on instrumental as well as vocal tracks!

AT- 4081 Bidirectional Phantom Powered Ribbon Microphone, MSRP $895.00

We were looking for an all around, workhorse of a ribbon microphone for the studio. The problem is, ribbon mics are notoriously fragile, however the AT 4081 is showing itself to be rugged AND one of the best recording mics we've tested. One reason is the super fine mesh which protects the dual ribbon within. This innovation makes for increased sensitivity and response of the mic.

The bidirectional build of this microphone makes it easy to position in small spaces. You can use it to mic an acoustic guitar using a boom mic stand or as a vocal mic by adding a pop filter. Either way, this mic allows vocal warmth & open, airy sounds of your instrument to shine on recordings.

TC Helicon Voice Tone Create-XT

The AT-4081 is a phantom powered ribbon mic meaning you will need to power it from either a 48V connection from your amp or from a pedal preamp like the Create-XT. The Create-XT is an upgrade from the previous Create pedal. It will support any phantom powered mic but where it shines is in the recording studio quality vocal FX's and effects.

It has 100 to choose from but for all practical purposes, you only have ready access to the first 10, (twenty if you include the A-B selections). We also use the Harmony G in concert as it offers similar vocal effects PLUS vocal harmonies created by your guitar chords. Still, if you want extra polish or edgy effects on your vocals, the Create XT is IT!

T.C. Helicon's Voice Tone Create XT in the Studio using the "hardtune" effect.

Hercules Tilt Base Mic Stands have been especially useful in tight corners as the footprint is a bit smaller than the tripod versions. Adjustment is also easier with the Hercules Stands due to their EZ Grip Quick Release System. The adapters that come with the stands accommodate either a mic clamp as shown here below with the AT-4081 or a mic clip which is more like a flexible sleeve that come with AT hand held mics.
Used on both the stage and in pro recording studios, the Hercules Tilt Base Mic Stand is the best mic stand we own! Very easy to gig with as well while offering an adjustable, substantial base that avoids tipping.

We really can't say enough about the Hercules Line of Stands but especially their Tilt Base models. In fact we've replaced all of our studio's guitar, music and mic stands with Hercules!

The Hercules EZ Grip feature makes adjusting the height a snap without much disturbance to a "hot" studio mic. The adjustable footprint and tilt base components allow the stands to fit in where needed without interfering with instruments. You are able to get much closer to the mic for vocal and guitar pickup with these versatile stands. Quick to transport and set up, these stands make the grade in the studio & on the road.

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