Tuesday, December 28, 2010

NEW Sanyo Pedal Juice Review

The NEW SANYO PEDAL JUICE can power a whole pedalboard worth of effects without an AC connection. Here it is firing up a Planet Waves Tru Strobe Pedal Tuner with ease but it can handle a whole chain of boxes. A rechargeable, clean 9 Volt power source for your effects pedals. Freedom!

One of problems most musicians have when they tour is too many cords and cables to and from the effects board. While many larger, professional venues have AC outlets on stage, others such as coffee houses, civic centers or churches often have you fending for yourself. If you are doing an outdoor concert, you'll find many of them rely on gasoline powered generators.

Now while most effect pedals can accommodate batteries, you're always worried if the Duracells are going to be enough to get you through your set. Also, if you use something like a drum & bass machine, (I use a BOSS DR-3 on the road and the DR-880 in the studio), well those are going to suck even MORE juice than your stompboxes. Believe me there's nothing worse than having an important piece of gear like that die on you during a performance. Even with something as substantial as my Voodoo Lab Pedal Power II, I'm still reliant on a nearby AC outlet to pull it off.

I've probably spent a small fortune on batteries for my effects only to have them fail at some critical point. There are also several noteworthy low wattage "lunch box" amps that run on batteries such as the Roland Mobile Cube Battery - Powered Stereo Guitar Combo Amp. At only 5 watts, it needs a 9 volt power source so the Sanyo Pedal Juice can power that too. Also Ernie Ball has just come out with a Marshall Gig Bag Amp. This portable Gig Bag amp also uses 9 volts via batteries or an adapter. Imagine being able to take your rig anywhere and plug into a mini amp in the park, jam session or guitar class all with no worries about an AC outlet?

The Sanyo Pedal Juice can power two separate effects as shown here with the TC Helicon Voicetone Create XT and the BOSS DR-3 drum & bass machine. My T.C. Helicon Create XT and Harmony G pedals don't have an on & off switch. The KBC-9V3U includes an ON/OFF power switch which allows me to easily to turn the power of all connected music effects devices ON or OFF with the press of a single button. This is convenient since many effects devices do not include their own ON/OFF switch and must be manually unplugged from AC power.

The power levels are even and consistent with the Sanyo Pedal Juice with no drops or fluctuations. This unit will drive your pedalboard for up to 50 hours depending on the devices you have plugged in. The Sanyo Pedal Juice also holds a charge extremely well. We charged it up to full power and after a week, plugged it in. It was still at 100% capacity. The color coded lights tell you when the power is at its peak or getting low, something batteries don't do. The MSRP for the Pedal Juice is $199.99 and the Street Price is $149.99. Here are additional specs on the Sanyo Pedal Juice KBC - 9V3U:

  • Power Multiple Effects Pedals - all at the same time
  • 9V Lithium-Ion battery featuring SANYO eneloop technology
  • Up to 50 hours of continuous, quiet, clean, stable power – from the first note to the last
  • Eliminates AC ground loops - so your tone comes through loud and clear
  • Two 9V DC outputs - power multiple devices; pedals, multi-effect units, and portable recorders
  • 3-stage LED indicator – provides power level status
  • Single on/off button – no need to unplug pedals
  • Rechargeable hundreds of times – saves money and the environment
  • Water and shock resistant - JIS IPX3 compliant water resistant enclosure
  • Fully recharges in only 3.5 hours - via AC adaptor (included)
  • Same footprint as standard effects pedal (2.5” W x 4.7”D x 1.7”H)
  • Easy setup

The Wrap

The best thing about the Sanyo Pedal Juice is its impact on the environment. We dispose of billions of batteries each year when they should be recycled. This can't be good for the earth and if we are going to be responsible stewards, this is a great place to start! Now for the musician, you will find a new freedom in the studio and on the road as you no longer have to place your pedals in close proximity to an outlet. I've been able to place my effects where I want them on stage and in the recording studio. This makes a big difference in my playing comfort and accessibility to the pedals. Another perk is that since you are not plugged in to an AC outlet, you avoid those annoying ground loops. Your sound comes through pure and clear. Just the thing you want on your recording or live performance! Look for the Sanyo Pedal Juice and other jaw dropping stuff to be featured on Eclectic Sound TV's Best Guitar Gear for 2011 Video! The Sanyo Pedal Juice KBC - 9V3U is available online from Musician's Friend, Sam Ash or at your local Guitar Center.

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