Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tech 21 NYC Trademark 60 + BOSS GT-10

Dr. M's Studio Rig! Tech 21's Trademark 60, Fender Stratocaster played through the BOSS GT-10. Hear the three combined in the video below! Fender is resting on a Stage Player II, guitar cable is a Spectraflex FatsoFlex.

Tech 21 NYC's Trademark 60 (first amp pictured) was the amp of choice for Les Paul during his stint at the Iridium in New York City until his death in 2009.

The Trademark 60, (1x12) offers amazingly warm tones especially for a solid state amp. Fully reliable and roadworthy, this is an open back 2 channel amp with true spring reverb and footpedal included. It is my studio amp and what you hear on the HD music videos produced for Eclectic Sound TV

BOSS GT-10 vs Digitech RP-90 Review

The link above will show you some of the many features of the BOSS GT-10 as compared to DigiTech's RP-90. The video above will show you how easy it is to getting a gig-worthy tone! The BOSS GT-10 remains the flagship unit for the BOSS line of guitar multi effectors. It is a serious powerhouse of effects, cabinets and pedals. The GT-10 can be intimidating but the best way to jump right in is to start with the factory presets. Yes, they can be a little obvious but it is totally within your power to manually adjust many of the parameters to your liking. With something like 400 presets, you will surely find something close to your liking and then take it from there. The GT-10 has a USB port so it can easily interface with your Garageband or Cakewalk studio computer software. The lights are extremely bright and work well in a dark studio or on a dimly lit stage. In the lead photo, I have it in my custom Tarcase Pedalboard Case so it can definitely travel!

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