Thursday, February 13, 2014

D'Addario's NEW Planet Waves NS Artist Guitar Capo

In the Studio: D'Addario, Planet Waves NEW NS Artist Capo, another guitarist's dream tool.
Farmingdale, NY I'm sure you can imagine how important an artist's tools are to his craft, you can begin to understand how this also transfers to musicians. As artists of sound, we quickly hone in on accessories that work in a number of settings, such as in the studio or performing live. The point is that they have to be reliable and work every time.

NS Artist Capo
So that's why I was pretty excited when Planet Waves sent me their NEW NS (stands for Ned Steinberger designed) Artist Capo to review. Their sturdy capos are all that I use right now but I was curious to see how they could possibly improve on an already good thing.

NS Artist Capo in packaging