Saturday, June 9, 2012

Edens Edge Debut Album

Edens Edge debut full length, self titled album drops Tuesday June 12th! "Too Good to Be True"? Almost. This Arkansas-bred, Nashville based trio has been profiled as one of Billboard's "Artists to Watch" and chosen as a CMT Listen UP! Artist. Just last year they joined three major Country tours - Reba McEntire, Lady Antebellum and Brad Paisley's. This summer Edens Edge will kick off their opening slot on the Rascal Flatts "Changed Tour".  Their Top 20 single "Amen" offers tight harmonies and a rocking bass. "Skinny Dippin'" is fun and upbeat with a little childhood naughtiness we all remember. "Last Supper" is sadly tender and haunting dealing with a couple's breakup. "Feels So Real" sounds more experimental for this group but they pull it off with confidence and smooth elegance. "Who Am I Drinking Tonight" reminds me of an old-fashioned honky-tonk two step, the kind that made Shania Twain a household word. Rowdy enough without being loud and over the top.
Edens Edge toured with Reba last year
Look for the last track, "Christ Alone" sung acappella to be their signature anthem. They sing this every night to close out their set.  Well chosen and telling of the band's true focus and intent.

On each and every track, however (10 in all), Hannah Blaylock's pure, soaring lead vocals add sparkle and interest to what could easily become common country fare. Edens Edge is the real deal and the group's vocal and instrumental virtuosity show a complex and sophisticated side of country music not often seen today.  Impressive to say the least.

Pre-sale of Edens Edge Signed Full Length Self Titled Debut Album are available at the band's website:  Edens Edge

This band overview is posted on the Edens Edge website:

"When it comes to making great music, kindred spirits somehow seem to find each other and such is the case with Edens Edge. Three talented young musicians from Arkansas -- Hannah Blaylock, Dean Berner, and Cherrill Green --make their debut on Big Machine Records with a vibrant sound that honors country music’s roots while creatively pushing the envelope with their seasoned musicianship, dazzling harmonies and
insightful songwriting.

With one listen to Edens Edge, it’s obvious the trio has forged a unique sound shaped by their individual influences and anchored in their own distinctive gifts. 

Each grew up in rural Arkansas where farming, faith and family provided a firm foundation and offered a springboard for their musical aspirations. "