Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Joe Satriani's 2013 Europe Tour & Artist Designs

Guitarists, Joe "Satch" Satriani of the US and David Middleton of London, England on the 2013 European Tour. (Walthamstow, UK)
LONDON, ENGLAND: Perhaps one of the most talented guitarists on the planet, Joe Satriani continues his 2013 European Tour with a stop over in London, England. My friend and fellow musician David Middleton, (lead guitarist for Chaysa), caught up with him backstage after his seriously riveting performance. All UK shows have guest Matt Schofield opening for Satch.  Here is a highlight clip from Joe's London England concert:


Joe is considered a guitar prodigy by most accounts and his virtuosity is near legendary. I so enjoy the way he uses guitar effects to the full but his skills continue to shine through. That is what sets him apart.  Artistry like this doesn't rely on weird effects and gimmicks. One of the things I learned in guitar class was to get the basics first and then any effects you want to add would layer over good technique instead of replacing it.

Joe Satriani's artistry isn't just limited to music. A few years ago Joe designed a series of signature guitar Straps for Planet Waves. These are all his own, original designs reproduced for guitarists like me to enjoy. I have his Skull N Bones Design Planet Lock Strap which is on my Aria Pro II Fullerton model below:

Joe Satriani designed Guitar Strap by Planet Waves & signed VIP pass from my friend David Middleton

These designs are first drawn free hand by Joe and make up a complete series of artist-generated locking guitar straps with matching picks available at Planet Waves.

Details on my Skull and Bones strap designed by Joe Satriani for Planet Waves
Below, Joe demonstrates and discusses his artistic method and creations for Planet Waves.

So if you can't make Joe's European Tour this year, pick up one of his artistic guitar straps. Here's Joe's 2013 Europe Tour Dates.

Joe Satriani's signature on the back of my VIP Pass from David Middleton!