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Best Guitar Gear for 2009 - Gig Bags & Cases

Martin's 600 Series Molded Dreadnought / Jumbo Guitar Case is plush lined and offers superior, lightweight protection for your instrument.

One of the most important investments you'll make towards keeping your instrument safe and in top playing condition is your guitar case. In fact, keeping your guitar in its case is perhaps the most preferable way to prevent accidental breakage and scratches. It also helps to keep your guitar in tune especially when using an "in-case" guitar humidifier. All the same your case must fit both your guitar and you. Cases that are too heavy, bulky or poorly constructed will most often be left at home, seldom being used. There is also a place for gig-bags and instrument covers so we have included the top choices right here:

Martin 600 Series Molded Guitar Case

This was the case that came with my Martin D-18 Sustainable Wood acoustic guitar. Martin is known the world over for beautifully crafted guitars so it was no surprise that they would want to protect one of their masterpieces with the finest guitar case available. Manufactured for Martin by SKB in North America, this case holds my D-18 Dreadnought perfectly and is meticulously lined for a perfect fit and extra protection for my instrument. This is the case I take to guitar class and jams because it is so lightweight yet tough. It has an inner compartment under the neckbrace to hold a tuner, extra strings, picks, etc. The only thing I added was a luggage tag, purchased from Martin's Gift Shop. I am a Martin's Owner's Club member so anything I purchase from them is 10% off. Rugged ABS molded exterior with a foam interior and green velour lining. Nickel plated hardware with key locking latch. These cases are also available for your sized guitar so
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Levy's Leathers LTD Leather Guitar Bag

If you are looking for a gig-bag instead of a hardshell case, there are a few options. I have a very thick denim electric guitar bag by Levy's which I prefer over the flimsy one that came with my Fender Stratocaster. Solid body guitars are a bit studier so a gig-bag is fine most of the time. The Fender logo bag though is a poor choice offering little padding or protection. Levy's denim gig bags are very well made and properly padded. Still, I prefer a leather gig-bag for both durability and looks. Should something spill on your instrument, a leather bag will more readily repel the splash better than cloth. Levy's leather guitar bag offers stylish protection with an extra "saddlebag" on the outside for storage of music, books, tuners, cables and a lot more. A smaller zippered upper pouch is an added bonus for space. In fact, a bag like this can carry a lot more gear than a hard shell case. The interior is plush lined with a thick pile. Over sized dual zipper tabs with a inner cover to prevent the zipper itself from touching your instrument. Very heavy yet comfortable backpacker straps and leather carry straps make this a quality bag. Black Leather Luggage tag was included. Photographed here is Levy's Leather Guitar Bag for Electric Guitar in Burgundy. Visit Levy's Leathers LTD online at:

Open Mic Guitar Strap Messenger Bag by Overland Equipment

There are times that you just need an extra bag to carry your sheet music, a small laptop, (think Cakewalk or Garage Band software), or microphone to a gig or band practice. Here's what I use to take along all those extras. Overland Equipment's Open Mic Messenger Bag is made of distressed canvas with magnetic closures on the front flap. Leather trim with brass rivets, this bag means business! Inner compartments include space for your cell, MP3 player and a zippered compartment. Better still is the bag's woven jacquard "guitar strap" which reminds me of one of Bob Dylan's vintage ones! Tough enough to over stuff too. This is a great, lightweight sidekick to your gig bag or guitar case, allowing you to carry in gear that might otherwise get crunched or scratch your guitar. Visit Overland Equipment online for their Open Mic Messenger Bags:

Drapester Guitar Cover

Sometimes you just want to leave your guitar out on the stand for easy access. Nothing wrong with that except that dust gets in everywhere. Your strings, bridge area and if it is an electric, your pickups will suffer for it. I have a custom made dust cover on my Autoharp which stays on the stand. It works very well but is sometimes a hassle getting on and off. The Drapester is a very cool way around all that as it simply "drapes" over your instrument. No fitting or stretching needed. Throw it on and go! Whip it off and play! The Drapester even comes with a little pouch on the front for guitar pics. Simple yet very effective for keeping the dust off and your guitar on...the stand. Under the pink camouflage Drapester here is a full sized Martin D-18. It works well covering nearly any model of guitar from a Strat to a Martin Jumbo. A no-fuss way of keeping your guitar clean and handy. Made in the U.S.A. Visit Drapester online at:
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We are going right down the list! So far we've covered the best guitar straps and cables. Check in again as we show you even more of the coolest guitar gear for your Christmas gift ideas! Ho, ho, ho!!!

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