Monday, April 13, 2009

Martin's FREE Guitar Clinic!

Photo: Robbie's Music City owner, John, Martin Guitar Luthier, Dave Evans and Dr. M enjoying the Martin Guitar Clinic

Dave Evans putting Martin Acoustic SP medium strings, (Phosphor Bronze) on my D-18 made of sustainable cherry wood. According to Evans, Brazilian rosewood ceased being used as a standard wood to make guitars in 1969.

This was the first Martin Guitar Clinic Robbie's Music Center of Hackettstown has hosted. Based on the long line of jovial customers who turned up despite the driving rain, I would say it was a huge success. Customers with any make of 6 or 12 string guitar received a free set and installation of their choice of light or medium gauge Martin SP Strings. Action adjustments were also done absolutely free of charge.

In this tight economy, you might consider replacing your strings before replacing your guitar. New, quality strings will make a major difference in tone and even playability. Evans also replaced the strings on my Martin D-16GT. Medium SP strings were replaced with lights as I mainly use this guitar in the studio for recording and highly amplified with pickups for stage performances.

Customers also reveled in trying out some of the new & limited edition Martins on the floor that day!

One of the guitars Martin has brought back is the 01 Series. It is a very straightforward instrument but with a price point of under $900.00, it is surely going to be a hot seller. In fact the sample 01 models Evans brought to the clinic that day were all sold out. The store also ran special guitar sales up until 4 pm when the clinic was officially over.

Customer Janet Schuring pictured here owns three Martins including the Backpacker she's holding. She received new strings on all of the Martins she brought in that day.

Clinics like these are a great way to meet other guitar owners and get some insight on your instruments specific needs. Upon having her Backpacker's strings replaced, Schuring found that the instrument had been drying out in the gigbag. Removal of the strings caused a dried piece of wood to come loose. Repairs were made with a little wood glue and she purchased a humidifier for the instrument to prevent further damage. Another benefit of a Guitar Clinic is being able to try different types of strings that you would not normally use.

Generally, medium strings will allow you to drive your Dreadnought's tone for greater volume and projection. If your guitar has pickups, you may not need that much acoustic volume. Lighter strings might work better depending on your style of playing.

Hear our live Podcast from this Martin Guitar Clinic as Dave Evans discusses the differences of the woods being used in Martin guitars. Listen in at Dr. M's Radio Show:

Be sure to check our listings below under SHOWS-CONCERTS-JAMS for the next FREE Martin Guitar Clinic on April 18th! We'll also be doing another GUITAR GEAR GIVE-AWAY featuring C.F. Martin, GHS Strings & Planet Waves goodies so check back!

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