Friday, December 4, 2009

Eclectic Sound TV in HD!

Coming at you in HIGH DEFINITION, Eclectic Sound TV in HD is getting ready to shoot our 2010 video line up of news, reviews, concerts and tips from the pros! Here is where you get to SEE and HEAR stompboxes, guitars, microphones and amps fired up and put through their paces. Check out what WE have to say before you buy! Here's what's on tap:

C.F. Martin's HD-28

Perhaps the most played and copied model Martin has made to date! We'll compare this solid sitka spruce and rosewood guitar to our other Martin dreadnoughts made of mahogany and cherry. Tone is everything!

Audio-Techinca's AT4047/SV

One of our vocal and instrumental studio workhorses! Incredible clarity, transparency and presence. We'll show you our preamp / mixer setup for a smoother recording experience.

Studio-Side is a special feature of Eclectic Sound TV in HD where we will be showing you new guitar gear and how to modify, plug in, save patches, loop, record and much more. Who says studio time has to be boring? Join us and we'll show you something!

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