Saturday, March 20, 2010

May Guitar Gear Give-Away!

***ANGIE*** Congratulations on being the winner!

ONE winner will receive ALL of these PRIZES in our super drawing to be held on May 1st, 2010!!! Enter by clicking here: COMMENTS or use the link at the bottom of this article. Deadline for entry is April 30th 2010 - 12 midnight. Here's the contest question:

Where is your favorite place to practice playing & why?

This drawing is open to U.S. residents ONLY with a valid shipping and email address.

Planet Waves NEW Tru Strobe Pedal Tuner, hot from the 2010 NAMM Show! Super accurate, adjustable backlight, dropped D tuning and true bypass. The Tru-Strobe will be sent to the winner directly by Planet Waves.

Premium Guitar PRIZES !!!

Planet Waves Dual Action Capo!

Martin Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Strings!

Mighty Bright Pedal Board Light
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Sorry pedals and case not included.

Planet Waves Lubrikit Friction Remover!

Sorry, Roland Stage Amp not included.

Co-sponsors of Eclectic Sound's 2010 May Guitar Gear Give-Away are:

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Dr. "M" says.... said...

Welcome to Eclectic Sound's May Guitar Gear Give-Away!

"Where is your favorite place to practice playing and why?"

Winner takes all of the prizes! Wishing you all the best.

Anonymous said...

I love to practice in my MUSIC STUDIO. I have a couch where my amp, cd player, have a piano bench for tuning my harmonicas and getting the gap on the reeds and its comfortable if I want to take a 20 miute break, I dont have to go some where else. I can also look at my guitars on my walls and day dream how much I wanted them and how I got them and what songs I have recorded wioth them. I also have my recording studio in the same room.

Dr. "M" says.... said...

An onsite Music Studio is a GREAT place to practice. I know from experience. Good answer and be sure to check back here to see the WINNER on May 1st, 2010!

Cleveland said...

In the office downstairs in my house, because it's one of the more isolated rooms; I can actually sort of concentrate in there.

Dr. "M" says.... said...

Very cool Cleveland! With the advent of laptops and recording studio software, the office is becoming the place to create music.

Ana said...

My favorite place it practice is in a group with others and preferably outdoors at a park or camping site. Good for laughs as well. Thank you for the chance to win all of these incredible prizes!!! Who ever wins this will be really set for the year!

Dr. "M" says.... said...

Thanks for your entry Ana! Playing outdoors + friends is a winning combination. Yes, you're right. The winner of this Give-Away WILL be set for the year! Could be you.

Angie said...

Good question...there's a really nice rehearsal facility near me called Greenlite Productions. It's got decent gear already there for you, and the guy that runs it isn't too strict on time. I always feel like my band The Outskirts have really productive rehearsals when we're there!

Dr. "M" says.... said...

Practicing with your band the Outskirts? Angie, that is fantastic and to have a nice facility to to play in must be a real blessing! Great post.

dave DeLizza said...

I like to practice in my basement teaching/recording studio. Free of distractions, door closed and I have quick access to all of my exercise routines and instructional vids if i want to check those out.

Patrick said...

I love to practice outside on my patio,under the trees. It makes me feel I'm somewhere else other than New Jersey.

Dr. "M" says.... said...

Dave & Patrick, you both have the right idea. Getting some solitude is perhaps the best way to get the most out of your practice time.
Good answers everybody! Remember to get your entries in before 12 midnight, April 30th.

The WINNER will be chosen on May 1st!

Bless ya'll