Thursday, April 8, 2010

NEW Voicetone Create XT Unboxed

Back in the studio with some new gear, namely T.C. Helicon's Voicetone Create XT vocal effects processor! This is the new generation of signal processor which adds recording studio quality effects such as hardtune and reverb. Plans are to record some newly written R&B flavored tracks with the Create XT! The Voicetone Harmony G vocal processor / harmonizer joins our rig for live performances.

The Create XT offers 100 factory styles, new reverb, tone and pedal imput. The NEW Hardtune effect give you that auto-tuned sound heard on many current pop and R & B tracks. New for this line is the USB connection and Pedal Imput to connect an optional Switch 3 footswitch for individual effect block on/off. Phantom powered for use with our Audio-Technica studio conderser mics.

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