Saturday, August 7, 2010

Martin Owners Club Day 2010

"Wish You Were Here!" says the back of this postcard from Nazareth, PA! Dr. M & Magda with her VIP Backstage Pass, enjoying musical fun & picnicking at the Martin Guitar Factory and Nazfest all in the same weekend!

C.F. Martin & Co. Visitor's Center - A Warm Welcome

C.F. Martin IV and Dr. M hanging out in the Visitor's Center during Martin Owner's Club Day this weekend.
Over 2,000 members and guests came to the event for tours of the Martin Guitar Factory and Museum, workshops as well as great food and musical entertainment. The latest Martin Guitars were on display to see and play. Each member received a schwag bag of gift shop goodies such as Martin's new Lifespan SP treated acoustic strings, a backpack and MOC tee shirt. Club members also get many more gifts and guitar clinic invitations throughout the year.
Want to join? It's easy! Register online for Martin Owners Club

Main Tent Talent

One of the highlights of this event is the musical talent. This year Martin shows their support of young pop artists who are shining with the new Performing Artist Series guitars! These include Suite Caroline and Tyler Grady, American Idol semi-finalist and Travis Hobbie both of Wailing Waters. You can see Hobbie backing Grady on stage with one of Martin's OMC Performing Artist Series guitars. Eclectic Sound TV has a video of some of their afternoon performance and a brief interview of this team and their thoughts on Martin's exciting new line acoustic / electric guitars. In fact you can now access ALL of Eclectic Sound TV's videos right from the home page by looking below for the YouTube icon on the floating green tool bar! Be sure to check out Tyler Grady's Facebook Page !

The Wrap

I've attended four Martin Owners Club Day events and I have to say each year they get better and better! However one high point of the whole event for me is this:

Each year at the end of his Member Address, Chris Martin graciously signs guitars and other memorabilia for the members. He kindly signed my Martin D-16GT, the first Martin Guitar I ever purchased! He signs it on the wood so in case the paper label falls off, you still have his signature. Pretty cool, eh? This is Martin's 177th year in continuous operation. I wish them many hundreds more! Check out other Martin Owner's Club event photos in the banner ad section to your left. Visit Martin Guitar Online to see the new Performing Artist Series electric / acoustics and the HD-28 which we have featured on Eclectic Sound TV's Summer Series with Tonerite.

Coming up next: More sizzling summer guitar gear vids with the hottest new stuff from Hercules Stands, Planet Waves, V-Pick and C.F. Martin Guitar! Access ALL of Eclectic Sound TV's videos by clicking the YouTube icon on the floating toolbar below!

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