Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fatter Sound for Acoustic Guitars

Vinni Smith, inventor of the V-Pick compares the tone of his hand made plectrums to "Brand X". We think his picks are amazing for fatter fuller tone but you be the judge!

V-Picks are unique for their thicker un-bending shape and beveled edges. V-Picks offer monster tone but if you are not quite up to the thickness, we recommend starting out with their Traditional Lite Picks. These are most like the Fender or Martin MEDIUMS but sound a LOT better. As you are able to move up and accustom yourself to the thicker varieties, you'll find your fingers slowly being able to adapt to different thicknesses quite easily. Once you hear how good you sound with a thicker pick, you'll definitely be motivated to move up! Check out all of the cool V-Picks and see our HD VIDEO featuring them by clicking the YouTube icon on the floating toolbar here below.

Coming up: Fall Recording Studio Gear, how to get it, how to use it. Autumn is a great time to finally burn that CD so let's get started with BOSS, Audio-Technica, T.C. Helicon and Hercules Mic Stands in the studio. QUIET...recording!!!!

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