Thursday, December 9, 2010

2010 Holiday Guitar Gear Gift Guide & Giveaway Winner

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Eclectic Sound's 2010 Christmas Holiday Guitar Gear Gi
ve-Away is CLOSED! Thank you to all who submitted entries. Congratulations to Jack R. of Indiana, USA who won:

  • Kiss Collections Leather Guitar Strap from Planet Waves

  • Kiss Collections Matching Guitar Pick Set (x10) from Planet Waves

  • Two Sets of Martin Acoustic SP Strings, (Light & Medium Gauge)

  • Planet Waves Custom Pro -10 ft Guitar Cable

  • D'Addario Signal 1/4 Male Stereo to XLR Female Adapter

  • PLUS The NEWLY Released Planet Waves Dual Action Capo - Tuner! This Capo -Tuner won BEST IN SHOW at the 2010 Summer NAMM!

Enter by telling us "What is your favorite style of music and why?" Simply post your entry in the COMMENTS section of this article. This contest is open to U.S. Residents ONLY. You need to provide a valid email and U.S. shipping address to be eligible. Sorry, Fender Guitar is NOT part of the Give-Away. One WINNER will be chosen on December 15th, 2010, (just in time to place under your tree)! Deadline for entries is MIDNIGHT December 14th, 2010.


Dr. "M" says.... said...

Welcome to Eclectic Sound's 2010 Holiday Guitar Gear Give-Away! Here's the question:

"What is your favorite style of music and why?" Be original. Be pithy even! Deadline for entry in MIDNIGHT December 14th, 2010. Go for it!!!

Merry Christmas!

Dr. M.

Spencer said...

Hi Dr. M,

Let me introduce myself. My name is Spencer. I am a 'budding' musician. I play 60's style music or more known as 'folk or folk rock'. My biggest influences are Neil Young, CSN&Y, Dan Fogelberg, etc. I find it soothing and just majestical to play songs in alternate tunings. Hell, just playing it is majestical. I has made me happy when sad. My dream is to own my own Martin. But due to the very hard economy, it's very hard to afford one. Also, if you're wondering, I have been so-called "benchmarked" by some real good guitar teachers, and from learning on my own curriculum, in 10 months, I have as much playing knowledge as someone who has played for 5 years+. But, thank you Dr. M for your wonderful YouTube videos, blog, and give-a-ways.

Have a great day.


For you to make sure, my favorite style of music is folk and fingerstyle,

Dr. "M" says.... said...

Hey Spencer!

I see you are first up to enter our 2010 Holiday Guitar Gear Give-Away! Thank you for sharing your passion for playing. It's people like you we seek to benefit the most. Well you're in the running!

Thanks and be blessed,

rmaharjan said...

Hi Dr. M,

I do not know if you seek musicians like me but I play for me. I strum a few chords, and absolutely love finger picking but do not limit myself to a specific genre or style (though I do play a little heavier on the rock side because it gives me a feeling of excitement). The soft music, running through my ears touches my soul and takes me to a realm of eternal joy. That's why I play guitar in general, it's not limited by any specific genre or style.

I live in Easton, the home of Martin Co., but I've never played a Martin myself, only my eyes have had the joy to enjoy the beautiful instruments, because of the big numbers of Martin.

Dr. "M" says.... said...

Hey rmaharjan,

Yes, we are looking for "soul players" like yourself! Our mission is to get musicians like yourself out there to perform, record and fully enjoy the art.

Thank you for your entry and be sure to check out our Martin Owner's Club Day posts and videos. Since you're in Easton, The Martin Guitar Museum located in Nazareth, is open weekdays so you can visit and even PLAY some fabulous Martin Guitars in their Pickin' Parlor! It's all FREE too. We've gone lots of times and it is an experience you'll not forget.

Bless you,

Dr. M.

jatabad said...

Hello Dr. M,
For the contest:
My favorite style of music is classic rock because the of the soothing melodies and bluesie undertones. I absolutely love a Zeppelin masterpiece on anyday of the week! Soulful and eclectic, just like me,. I am hoping to win this giveaway because my 15 year old son is just recently aspiring to learn guitar and has been playing on my daughters toy guitar after reading the tablature online. Believe it or not he is able to play some songs and I told him to keep practicing so one day when he gets a real guitar, he'll already know how to play. He would die of embarrasment if he knew I was announcing this to the world, but it melts my heart to see his obvious talent wasted on a 29.00 toysrus special. Much love to you and yours.
T. Reiber in Washington State

CodyPaul said...

What type of music do I like? Whatever happens to turn me on at the moment. BB King, The Raconteurs, Beatles, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Seasick Steve, Garth Brooks and anything in between. I'm wanting to learn how to play the blues but I like whatever sounds good and speaks to me.

)2ockc)2awler said...

Hey Dr. M,

When you ask, “What is my favorite style of music?” The truth is that I like all kinds of music, as long as it hits you –literally hits- you in the soul. My friends have often stated that I like really bass-oriented music, however I feel as though they have slightly missed what truly moves me in music. The musical genre is not what is important, the instruments used either. The best way that I can express it is that the music must be filled with orchestration, lots of changes, and percussive qualities. Another way to describe it is that it must contain accents on notes, rhythmic separations, and heart pounding beats intermingled with strategically placed rests. The music that gets me dancing on the floor, the music that forces my eyes closed at a concert to make me hear as a blind man hears, the music that gets my hands tapping on the steering wheel, and the music that draws my attention from down the street leaking out of the door left open. These are the styles of music that grab me and move me. Rock, Folk, Classical, Dance, Punk, Funk, Big Band, Dixie …… you name it, I like it, if it contains the phrasing, changes, accents and rests to make it unique and interesting.


Marian said...

Music I like? Very hard to categorize but most definitely acoustic! Way back when I started playing, I really liked folk music and then found more and more artists playing acoustically. Love to listen to Peter, Paul, and Mary, James Taylor,and so many more.

In January 2010, I started playing my old 12 string with the Baltimore Guitarist Group and have made lots of new musician friends and have had a great time playing music of many genres. What a great group of people and fantastic musicians!

Visited Martinfest last summer and had a blast. I'd love to own a Martin someday soon!

Merry Christmas to all!


Anonymous said...

I like classic rock the best, closely followed by bluegrass. Cheers! jack

MIKE B! said...

My favorite style of music is something that intense my emotions like metal/rap to pump me up, country when i feel sad and such. Music is just powerful and can effect you in every way.

Michael said...

I enjoy many styles of music, it mainly depends on what i feel like. I really love metal and rap to pump me up. And when im sad i listen to some country and soft music. Its amazing how much music can effect your emotion.

Dr. "M" says.... said...

These are SO cool! That's right, speak from the heart. Remember to get your entries in before MIDNIGHT December 14th 2010.

Be sure to see our amazing Preview of 2011's Best Guitar Gear at -->

Good job!

Tay said...

I'm going to have to go with classic rock

Classic rock bands such as the who, led zeppelin, pink floyd, and the rolling stones pioneered the way we think of music today. Today, classic rock is still played on radio's around the world!

But what makes classic rock 'worth listening to'? Everything! The lyrics, riffs, and of course guitar solos!

You just don't find music with that same 'vibe' anymore. Don't get me wrong, modern rock is great too, but you can never stop listening to those classics such as "stairway to heaven", "back in the USSR", "Hotel california", "Baba O' Riley", and of course "Don't stop believin'".

Classic rock can't be beat!

Anonymous said...

My favorite style of music is classic rock like acdc the who kiss led zeplin and van halen. I always liked older stuff since I was little. It just stuck in my head

Justin said...

Im Justin. I've been playing guitar for 5 years now. The truth is that your question is a hard question. I was thinking about what my favorite style is, but they're all my favorites I guess. I play in a style that matches my mood. In other words i express myself through music. You'd see me playing metal, classical, Jazz, classic rock, Latin, punk, folk, funk, Andy McKee style, Paul Gilbert style, etc. It just really depends on the way i feel.
In the future, I plan to take music classes in a community college, transfer to a music school, then go out in the wilderness. I don't really plan to stick to one style and if I could, I'd learn as much from every stlye out there as I can.


Anonymous said...

I wanted to add the "why" to my musical preferences and also mention that Kiss is one one my favorite bands! Classic Rock reminds me of the many times that I played music out live with friends - and songs from the bands of that time were often fairly easy to learn and thus allowed plenty of on stage theatrics - windmills, jumping, sliding, etc. Bluegrass always has brought out the more complex melodies and instrumental jams that people who come out to watch really enjoy. The banjo player often steals the show, but of course the guitar players provide the rythym and occassional lead run to keep everyone on their toes. This is a great giveaway and thanks for sharing your love of music with the rest of us - cheers! Jack Ripple

Kevin E said...

My favorite style of music ranges from classic rock like Pink Floyd, Hendrix, and Led Zeppelin to acoustic artists like Jack Johnson. I started playing guitar when I was in my teens, but then I took and long hiatus until recently. Now, I feel I have a greater appreciation and understanding of guitar playing!