Saturday, February 12, 2011

Farley's Stage Player II Guitar Stand Review

Farley's Stage Player II Stool & Guitar Stand

There are some things that just make life a little easier.  If you play guitar, Farley's Stage Player II by Nick Vail Designs is one of them.  Building on the success and design of the original Stage Player, the upgraded Stage Player II includes a foot rest.  A spring loaded locking pin allows a quick folding of the stool for easy traveling.  Throw it in the back seat of your car along with your guitar and go!

Stage Player II with an Aria Pro
Jams and professional studio sessions are often a mixed bag seating wise.  One of the best things you can do to help settle in is bring a stool that you're comfortable with.  The stage Player II goes one better by letting you park your instrument while taking a break.  Besides, sitting on a stool helps straighten your back and stretch your legs.  The fold down foot rest is perfect for classical guitarists who need to prop their instrument at an angle for proper fretwork.  Technique is everything and if you're comfortable, all else seems to fall in place.

The Wrap
The Stage Player II is available at for about $50.  It has multiple uses in the studio, gigs and jam sessions plus:

  • Features:
    • No assembly required
    • Weighs 10 lbs
    • Fully padded and comfortable
    • Fits most guitars, bases, and banjos
    • Neck support and non-slip foam on the folding support arms
    • Fold-down foot rest
    • Safe for all finishes
    • Rugged metal construction
    • Holds up to 250 lbs

Things to Look Out For
The bottom guitar braces do not snap securely in place.  If you're wearing wide boot cut jeans, they might get caught on one of them as you're jumping off.  Not a cool way to exit your set!  I've found this to also be a problem when transporting the stool so the simple solution is to hold it upside down by the bottom cross braces.  Minor issues when you still have the best seat in the house for both you AND your guitar at your next  gig.

Video Demo of the Stage Player II


Anonymous said...

How tall is that stool?

Dr. "M" says.... said...

Hey There!

The folded dimension of the Farley's Stage Player II are:

4 x 15 x 35 inches ; 9.5 pounds

When the stool is unfolded and set up for sitting it is 25 inches tall.
Great little stool / guitar stand that I use at nearly every backyard jam and gig. Hope this helps!

Dr. M