Monday, March 7, 2011

C.F. Martin's New Cleartone Strings

Dr. M and Martin Craftsman, Dave Doll after restringing her D-16!

One of the things I have appreciated about being a Martin Guitar Owner is the excellent factory set-up all my guitars have received.  In general, most acoustics tend to have a higher action (distance between the strings and fretboard) than electrics.  This has not been a serious problem with my Martin D-16GT or SWDGT even after having them restrung at their Free String Clinics.

These new treated strings are now part of all factory set ups
Not only did I learn a lot about guitar mechanics, but these clinics gave me a chance to try out different Martin Acoustic Strings.  I recently switched from Medium Phosphor Bronze to Lights on my D-16 and was thrilled with the change.  The guitar plays like butter now!

It is worth it to experiment a bit because new strings are like giving your guitar a "voice lift".  Dead strings are just that, DOA.  New to Martin's line of acoustic strings are the Lifespans, treated with Ceartone for longer play.  I am looking forward to trying these out on my HD-28.  These are being installed on all new production Martins this year.  Oftentimes, guitar strings will sit on a wall at the music store and go dead before they can even be played.  Martin hopes to avoid this problem with the use of Cleartone strings which should be a boon to both dealers and their customers.

If you'd like to learn how to properly restring your acoustic, here is Martin Guitar's Restringing Video.
Dave Doll is the Martin Craftsman in the Video who did my D-16GT in the lead photo.  I can say that this is perhaps the best technique out there.  Simple, to the point, Dave shows you some insider tips such as how to keep your strings from slipping out of the posts and effectively seating the end pins with the ball end of the strings. Check it out and you too can get pro results on restringing your acoustic guitar!

C.F. Martin D-16GT

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