Saturday, April 23, 2011

Planet Waves Renew String Cleaning System

Planet Waves Renew String Cleaning System can give your strings new life

Some musicians are almost fanatical about changing strings while other prefer to leave them on forever as the enjoy that "dead string" sound.  I suppose I'm somewhere in the middle.  However I'm almost fanatical about washing my hands before I pick up my guitar and wiping them off after I'm done.  I also rotate between four guitars and an Autoharp so my strings generally don't go dead from use but old age. If you scratch the surface of your guitar strings and notice a lot of gunk coming off, or notice black patches of discoloration, well, it's time for a change.

All the same, let's say you get a call to fill in at a gig tonight.  With everything else that you have to do, you're not going to have time to change your guitar strings.  So what's to do?  Even if you had the time to change strings, new ones are going to constantly go out of tune that evening even with stretching them in.  Also sometimes when you change strings, it can throw off your neck adjustment especially if you go from  medium gauge to light.

Well, rather than go through all of that,  you can use Planet Waves Renew String Cleaning System. 
This system is so ridiculously quick & easy that you can
pretty much, clean your strings and pack your guitar up in seconds. It's really a time saver in a pinch or can be part of your regular guitar maintenance program.

You get two cleaning tools with extra replaceable pads and solution.  Simply moisten the pad with the cleaner, loosen your strings and run the tool up and down the fretboard as shown in the lead photo.  It even cleans the string's top and bottom.
That's it!  Re-tighten your strings and tune your're done.  It really does clean your strings from grease, dirt and other debris too small to be seen with the naked eye.  However, you'll hear the difference immediately.

Deadbeat strings sound light and bright again and feel nice and smooth.  Of course you can add Nut Sauce to lubricate parts where the strings come in contact with your guitar, (the nut and the bridge), but the strings themselves will look and sound almost like a fresh set.   I've used this system on both naked and coated guitar strings and it made no difference.  Both types came out ringing clean.

So if you're in a hurry or would just like to keep your strings extra clean between restringing, consider Planet Waves String Renewal System.  It will save you both time and money both of which are often in short supply these days!
PW Renew System Tool

Planet Waves Renew String Cleaning System can be taken along on tour to clean your strings right before a show


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