Thursday, October 6, 2011

Guitar Stands: Stands that Deliver

Wooden & metal guitar stands at work in Martin Guitar's Pickin' Parlor

Hercules Guitar Stand's Auto Grip levers with a Dread

While a guitar stand choice is often a personal one, I'd like to think that I'm doing all that I can to protect my investment.  I've been at an outdoor jam and watched in horror as my friend's prized dread accidentally blew off the bench.  I've also seen a beautiful Taylor 800 Series get kicked off the stand and chipped by it's owner during a performance.

As disturbing as these events are, they don't have to happen if you: 1.) Invest in a quality guitar stand  2.) Take it with you where ever you play  3.) Use it religiously

Hercules GS415B
One of the best guitar stands that I've seen has been the Hercules line.  In the photo above it is holding a huge Martin Dreadnought and here to the right it is holding a heavy Fender Stratocaster.  I did not have to change or adjust the headstock yoke.  So what ever guitar I am playing at the time fits immediately into this stand.

Some of the features I like are the automatically releasing headstock levers and padded legs.  The whole stand folds up instantly in seconds, making very portable.

I use it in the studio and when it's time to play out, it goes with me.  A carry bag is available (GSB001) so you can easily pack it on gigs or on tour.  No matter what, when I take a break, my guitar is safe and protected from falling and breakage.  I can really relax!

This is due to the fact that the whole stand itself tilts back on three legs which gives it a very stable base.

Auto Grip System levers open when you lift the guitar, close to hold it securely.  Yoke folds down for easy transport.

Comfort Grip feature quickly adjusts the height of the stand to fit a variety of guitar bodies.

Padded legs tilt back, giving the guitar a more secure resting position.

Guitar Stand & Stool
Another stand that I like is the Stage Player II combination guitar stool and stand.  This will hold both you and your guitar but just not at the same time!

Very comfy padded seat and foot rest.  This packs up like a folding chair and is easy to take along.
In fact I take it with me to most every gig, outdoor and indoor jam.  I bring the Hercules Stand also which means I can offer this stand to someone who forgot theirs.

This guitar stool-stand makes a great gift so you might want to take note of it for yourself or a strumming buddy.  the Guitar Buyer's Guide over at

The Stage Player II is available now from Amazon

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