Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Holy Fire Overdrive - Distortion Pedal

Holy Fire Overdrive - Distortion Pedal by Creation Audio Labs
We may have just a few boutique pedals, vintage ones or a whole case.  Each pedal adds something to the signal chain...we just don't sound the same without them.  See Custom Pedal Boards vs BOSS GT-10

Add to this the fact that some guitarists prefer single boxes to a multi-effector unit and you will get even more opinions on how to create tone. I think the argument goes something like if one box blows up, it is easy enough to remove it from the pedal chain and continue with the gig.  If something happens to your multi effector, well you might find yourself playing without any effects at all.  I've done lots of shows with both and never had a problem although I DID have my Fender PA System shut down on me...a couple of times!

Since I play mostly acoustic guitar onstage, all I need is a little compression and chorus. In the studio however, I like to dirty it up a little and a slightly distorted Fender Strat is what I record with.

One of the cool things about my vintage Crate Amp (GT-20) is that it has built in overdrive.  Not the best but for a solid state amp, not too shabby.  As this 20 watter is more of a practice amp, I've had to use a direct box to have it heard onstage.  Still overdrive and distortion are still the lynchpins of classic and contemporary rock and having those features built into my Crate has been a plus.

The Holy Fire Overdrive - Distortion Pedal is the real deal however, truly a boutique pedal.  Each comes with a 10 Day money back guarantee so if you're not pleased with your tone, ship it back.  The pedal has the following features:

  • Clean and Transparent GAIN
  • Dynamic and Smooth OVERDRIVE
  • Thick and Rich DISTORTION
  • with high-cut control and unique L.E.D. interaction
  • Total Saturation with NO Tone Loss or Coloring

You can compare boxes and if you are a true overdrive - distortion snob, you will hear the difference.

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