Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Red Taylor Swift's Latest Album Release

Taylor Swift's latest Album, Red dropped October 22, 2012

One of the things that I respect Taylor for is that she is one of the few truly creative young singer-songwriters on the scene today.  Like Justin Bieber, Taylor got her start on YouTube as THAT is one of the social media places up and coming artists hang out to exchange ideas and music.

Taylor using AT Mics
Her latest endeavor, Red, is her latest full length album under Big Machine Records recorded in Nashville, TN (Blackbird Studios, Pain in the Art Studios).  This is Swift's fourth studio album since her last commercially successful release in 2010 of  Speak Now.

Taylored Style
I'd have to say that Taylor's pure vocals and effervescent style merge country and pop seamlessly so that neither emerges as dominant. She writes and sings about what she knows which she revealed on the Ellen Degeneres Show includes horrible intuition in picking the right guy!
Women can relate to those love lost themes and men wish they could have a chance on Taylor's arm.  

The first track, State of Grace right out of the blocks reminds me of an updated version of the iconic Bruce Springsteen E-Street Band anthem, Born to Run.

The album title Red, is one of my favorites. "Loving him was burning red..." I think most can relate to someone who made us feel that way especially if they were the one we didn't end up with.  Both Treacherous and I Knew You Were Trouble are honed from the same theme.  Taylor's propensity to lead with her heart instead of her mind.  The album has its share of slower ballads, which I am not terribly enamoured with but they are done with tenderness and virtuosity.   I really like Track number 6, 22 (Keep dancing like we're 22) as it has a great beat and reflects my feelings when I'm skating.  Actually I feel like I'm 15 when skating but you get the idea!  Likewise I really enjoyed Track #9, Stay, Stay, Stay.

Taylor has time for the old slow stuff.  Dollie Pardon is the queen of country ballads and while Taylor has nothing to be ashamed of vocal-wise, her youth and exuberance are better showcased with more upbeat and even quirky offerings.  A great example is the music video featured below.  Check out the cool Autoharp cameo!

We're Never Getting Back Together Again

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