Thursday, February 13, 2014

D'Addario's NEW Planet Waves NS Artist Guitar Capo

In the Studio: D'Addario, Planet Waves NEW NS Artist Capo, another guitarist's dream tool.
Farmingdale, NY I'm sure you can imagine how important an artist's tools are to his craft, you can begin to understand how this also transfers to musicians. As artists of sound, we quickly hone in on accessories that work in a number of settings, such as in the studio or performing live. The point is that they have to be reliable and work every time.

NS Artist Capo
So that's why I was pretty excited when Planet Waves sent me their NEW NS (stands for Ned Steinberger designed) Artist Capo to review. Their sturdy capos are all that I use right now but I was curious to see how they could possibly improve on an already good thing.

NS Artist Capo in packaging

Design Details
You may think that a capo is something simple but the Planet Waves models which I use have a micrometer tension adjustment screw to tighten the capo in the smallest imaginable increments. Still even when you tighten it up, their patented trigger geometry only requires 1/3 the force to operate. This is really important to me as I have small hands and a woman's grip. So also like the previous models of their NS capos, this one is made of lightweight aircraft grade aluminum. 

Patented trigger geometry requires only 1/3 the force to operate.
So What's New?
Planet Waves new NS Artist Capo fits my Martin HD-28 perfectly, so I truly enjoy using it on my acoustics with a similar neck shape. What's new is that the NS Artist Capo is tricked out with an Integrated Pick Holder. Sweet! It holds a guitar pick securely, giving you easy access without fumbling around for the one you've misplaced.

What's new on the NS Artist Capo? This handy integrated pick holder!

NS Micro Tuner Holder
The second new feature is the NS Micro Tuner bracket which holds this super tiny tuner.  I reviewed the NS Micro Tuner when it first came out last year so you can read that article HERE.
So I was impressed to see that in addition to the integrated guitar pick holder, they also have a way of attaching the NS Micro Tuner. You can tune with the capo working in place on the neck or while clipped on the headstock. The NS Micro Tuner has a reversible multi color display so you can flip it around for easy viewing.
I like having everything within reach and this new PW capo allows you quick access to tuning and your guitar pick during a gig or studio set. The best of the best in my opinion. A high quality capo that does a lot more than just raise the pitch.

NS Micro Tuner Bracket and Integrated Pick Holder are unique to the NS Artist Capo

Here Are the Specs from the Planet Waves Website:


The NS Artist Capo utilizes a patented tri-action geometry reducing the force required to open and close the capo while applying even tension regardless of neck profile. Combined with the micrometer tension adjustment and direct horizontal pressure, the NS Artist Capo virtually eliminates pulling the strings side to side and the need to retune during use. Additionally, the trigger-style design and lightweight aluminum construction adds no obstruction or noticeable weight to the neck of the instrument. The NS Artist Capo includes an NS Mini/Micro Tuner mounting bracket, allowing you to add tuning capabilities to the capo. Tuner sold separately.
  • Designed for use on 6-string electric and acoustic guitars
  • Micrometer tension adjustment assures buzz-free in-tune performance at every fret
  • Patented Tri-Action geometry offers easy use and even clamping tension
  • Lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum construction
  • Integrated pick holder
  • Includes NS Micro Tuner mounting bracket
Planet Waves products promise to be the most innovative professional musician’s tools available. Our diverse capo line is no exception. Many of our groundbreaking models are the result of a productive joint effort between famed designer Ned Steinberger and Jim D’Addario. No matter what style of capo you prefer, Planet Waves has the capo for you.

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