Saturday, March 15, 2008

NEW CD in the Mix!

What's Going into this Recording?

Spring is in the air along with musical inspiration! In addition to live performances, guitar classes and gearing up for our upcoming outdoor concerts, we've got it in gear for a new release, our first CD, a demo of our special variety of fusion music. That is a fresh combination of acoustic guitar, electric guitar and electric Autoharp behind some very edgy vocals. PHOTO: Dr. "M" and her Aria Pro II Fullerton model in the recording studio. "Dizzy" Blouse by Fender -The Collection

We are working through artist relations with Roland, BOSS, Audio-Technica and CF Martin Guitars. Each company is playing an integral part in this CD project and we are really pleased to be working with such industry giants. Right here are the instruments and recording equipment we are using on this CD production:

The Martin D-16GT pictured to your lower right is equipped with a serious under the saddle pickup, namely a Fishman Ellipse Matrix Blend. I had it installed in this acoustic at the Martin Factory so we are able to plug it in to the BR-1200CD and get all the effects from the recording studio or play it clean. This guitar is called the "Workhorse" by those in the industry because it just keeps on performing! I couldn't agree more.

PHOTO: CF Martin D-16GT

Fishman Ellipse Matrix Blend Pickup

Used by musicians from The Lovin' Spoonful to jazz experimentalist, Miles Davis, the Autoharp still holds a place in progressive music. The solid body OS150 FCE Ltd Ed electric Autoharp pictured below has an onboard pickup and EQ system which puts it light years ahead of any other Autoharp with a preamp. The solid body resists feedback as well as changes in humidity. Equipped with "fine tuners", it saves wear and tear on the tuning pins. When performing live, I run this through a signal processor, namely DigiTech's Vocalist Live 4 signal processor and add some chorus. Then we crank it through a Roland SA-300 Stage Amp or our Fender Passport PD-500. Incredible stereo sound both ways. In recording, it plugs right into the digital recording studio via the front positioned 1/4 inch jack and we use the onboard effects just as we do for the guitars. Amazing sound and versatility.


Solid Body Autoharp with EQ/Pickup

Recording Equipment Guide:

Equipment can either make or break a recording project so we are going with tried and tested professional gear. We are using the BOSS BR-1200CD pictured here. One of the best features about using the BR-1200CD is that it has a 40 GB hard drive that can handle the massive files associated with recording and mastering. Even better is the onboard CD burner which allows you to have complete control over your recording productions.

Headphones are another essential piece of equipment you'll need to have with your recording studio equipment. This allows you to isolate tracks and do clearer, more precise over-dubbing. As many recording sessions can be quite long, depending on how many punch-outs or takes you do, it is important to have a really comfortable set of "cans". We use Audio-Technica's ATH-M50 Studio Headphones which are super soft padded and isolate outside noises very effectively.

The most important equipment next to your actual recording studio set up is your microphone. We chose Audio-Technica over the Shure guys and haven't looked back. Kenny Chesney records and performs with Audio-Technica's line of microphones for a good reason. They make amazing quality mics that stand up to the demands of recording and live performance. They are reasonably priced too. I use the AT2010 and the ATM710 condenser mics which require phantom power. Yet what a difference from using those dynamics!

Trust me, I've stopped using dynamics in my performances and recordings and do not miss them one bit. The ATM710 is far and away my favorite though. I turned another working musician onto this mic and he says he can't believe how great his vocals sound after making the switch. He's doing a 6 hour marathon gig in Liverpool on Paddy's Day and now says, "Bring it on!"

Coming up in our Next Issue:
  • Audio-Technica's NEW 2008 NAMM Show release, the ATH-ANC3 Quiet Point Active Noise Canceling In Ear Phones for iPods and MP3 Players.
  • ZZYZX's Snap Jack Magnetic Guitar Cable, voted Best in Show in the "Gotta Have It" category at the 2007 NAMM.

Here's The Message...

Music is a heart thing. I play all genres of music...rock, blues, pop, county, gospel and bluegrass. Still, I always come back to the Gospel. The saving message of the Messiah who has inherited an earthly kingdom in which we are invited to be co-heirs. The apostle Paul asked the Corinthians, "Do you not know that the saints will judge the world?" The Messiah Yeshua, (Jesus), taught us to pray, "Thy Kingdom come." I know someday God's will shall be done on this earth as it is in Heaven. That gives me hope, undergirding everything I do, including my music.

Dr. M.

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