Monday, January 10, 2011

The BEST Guitar Straps for YOUR Axe!

You talked, we listened! If you are looking for the BEST guitar strap for your axe no matter if you play bass, lead or acoustic, we've got it for you. Top guitar strap makes such as Sully's handmade leather straps, Levy's Leathers LTD (shown below), Planet Waves NEW band collections with C.F. Martin's Leather Strap & Guitar Hoodie are all in the mix! To complete your experience, check out our NAMM 2011 Video featuring Ernie Ball Strap Locks vs Planet Lock Straps! It's all here and all for YOU!

PHOTO: NEW for 2011, Levy's Leathers LTD Suede Leather Strap MS71To1 with buckle and acorn embellishments!

PHOTO: Guitarist, Phil Keaggy whom Eric Clapton dubbed as the most under-rated musician of our time.

Keaggy is a Christian artist seen here during his set at RevGen 2010 in Frenchtown, NJ. He is wearing an un-padded adjustable leather guitar strap with the Fender.

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