Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Studio Side: Voicetone Create XT DEMO Video

Unless you can make it to the NAMM Show this week, you probably don't know how some of these effects pedals come in the box. Hey it all looks good set up on the promo videos but what's it REALLY like to purchase the T.C. Helicon Voicetone Create XT vocal effects pedal and put it to work in the studio? Also how does it REALLY sound without all the fancy speakers and mastering companies often use?
Take a look and get a listen....we've got your answers right here! No smoke and mirrors, this is how the Voicetone Create XT comes packaged, what's included, what you'll need and how it sounds right out of the box. Hey remember, please be sweet and RETWEET using the button below!

Hardtune or Autotune are just two of the studio vocal effects you can get from the Create XT Pedal. Just listen to the effects on recordings by artists like Kanye West, (shown here with Dr. M!), Lil' Wayne, T Pain and Jay Z. R & B, Pop and other genres use these same effects to add interest and a techno edge to their tracks. On the right in the photo above is the Sanyo Pedal Juice powering both the Create XT and BOSS DR-3 Drum & Bass Machine without an AC outlet. Mic used in the vocal portion is an Audio-Technica AT4050 Studio Condenser. Broaden your horizons and try something new!

2011 NAMM Show January 13th -16th

Audio-Technica Hall A, Booth # 6740
C.F. Martin Guitar
in Booth #5454
Planet Waves & D' Addario in Booth #4834
Hal Leonard in Booth #4618

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