Wednesday, October 23, 2013

D'Addario Planet Waves NS Micro Tuner

You know what they say, "Small things come in good packages!" D' Addario Planet waves NS Micro Tuner for guitar, bass, mandolin, uke and banjo.
D'Addario & Co. Farmingdale, NY Just when you thought it couldn't be done, Planet Waves takes center stage with the world's smallest guitar tuner. I have their NS Mini Headstock Tuner which is also very tiny in fact that I simply leave it on the guitar's headstock when placing it in the case! I reviewed it here along with other Planet Waves Guitar Tuners.

Small But Mighty
I really liked the Mini Headstock Tuner when it first was released. First of all, you couldn't beat it for portability but even more than that, it is extremely accurate. I used to use my Tru-Strobe Pedal Tuner before each studio session but now I just tune up with the Headstock Tuners.
PW's NS Mini Headstock Tuner is the forerunner to the new micro version.
Like Having a Built in Tuner
I had my Fender Stratocaster modified with a built in tuner that went under my volume knob. The thing is GREAT but when I have to change the 9v battery, I'll have to take the guitar apart. It wasn't easy installing it either. I took it to a professional music shop and had it done as I did not want to blow up my guitar . Why go through all of that when these tuners are small enough to be left of the headstock during transport?

Performing with the Micro Tuner
Another thing that you'll like is that unlike some other tuners, the audience can't see it on your headstock! I've performed with it and no one could tell it was there. So stealthy. Since it's hanging out there on the headstock for the whole set, you can tune up as much as you like. Amazing.

My Mini Tuner is there. Can you see it?
Mini to Micro Comparison 
So what is the difference between the two tuners, besides size of course? Based on how I've tried it, turning on the Micro Tuner is much easier. It has a dedicated, universal power button unlike the previous model which required repeated pressings to scroll through to the desired options. Same thing for turning it off. One button, one press. Genius.

Micro on the left, Mini on the right!
NS Micro Tuner-The Wrap 
Like the Mini model, (Ned Steinberger design), the Micro has an easy to use ratchet clamps and can be mounted on either the front or back of your headstock. The NS Micro Tuner has the added features of a reversible multi-color display and a visual metronome. The Power Button allows you to press to toggle the tuner off and on but the tuner automatically powers off in 10 minutes to save battery life.

Color Codes: The unit shows the actual note and Red indicates:out of tune, Yellow: almost in tune and Green: in tune.
The cursor buttons: allow you to press either arrow to adjust tuner calibration from 410-480Hz. While in Metronome Mode, press wither arrow to adjust tempo setting from 20 to 270bpm. Most tuners can't do that!
Flip Button: Press to change screen orientation. This is really helpful for tricky headstocks that make placement of the tuner hard to see. Orient the screen they way you want for easy viewing.

You get TWO tuners in a pack so you'll have twice the tuning fun for multiple instruments. A great value all the way around and definitely something to consider for the Guitarist on your gift list this year.

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