Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Artisan StudioWorks Stone Guitar Pick Jewelry

Beautiful Brazilian Agate natural polished stone from Artisan Studio Works, Santa Ana, CA
Guitarists can also be classified as artists.  I guess that's why Greg Atkin of Strum in Comfort, (the original SharkTooth Pick) introduced me to his Artisan StudioWorks lovely natural stone pendants. These are beautifully polished and the lead photo is a translucent Brazilian Agate wrapped with sterling silver wire and a delicate rose design at the top. The necklace is made of black leather with a lobster claw clasp and built in extender. I know what I'm wearing for New Year's Eve. Fabulous!

Interchangeable semi-open sterling silver wired pendant.
I still have one of the first stone pick pendants which I love because I can change the look by adding a different polished stone heart to the holder. These new sterling silver wired necklaces are even more dramatic and elegant. The above stone pick holder has a stylized G-Clef and can be changed to match your outfit or mood by switching out the stone of your choice. Stop by Artisan to see more designs and products from artist, Greg M. Atkin.

Artisan StudioWorks
Artisan StudioWorks now has a secure & convenient Etsy site where you can purchase one of a kind guitar accessories and stone guitar pick jewelry designed by artist Greg M Atkin. In addition, several other artisans have helped develop hand tooled and painted leather wrist cuffs, ornate guitar pins and a banjo clip.

I'd like to thank my friend, artist Greg M. Atkin for sending me this collection and have added them to my Lucky Gift Guide as well as my Guitar & Vocal Gear.

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