Thursday, October 8, 2015

New LP Release: Thomas Starks Burn the Attic

Vocalist, Guitarist, Thomas Starks latest LP release, Burn the Attic.

My friend, Thomas Starks of Seattle Washington, has just dropped his latest LP, Burn the Attic. Rooted in the music industry as a song writer and performer, he is a serious force to be reckoned with. Check out Thomas' music via his music sites listed below.

Thomas Starks Music Sites:

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Burn the Attic by Thomas Starks

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Here is my interview with Thomas:

Me: How did you get started in the music industry?

THOMAS: I never set out to be a musician. I was always writing and truly thought I would one day spawn the "Great American Novel". What I had discovered in my writing was directly opposite to my goals. I found myself terrible at Prose and latching onto metaphor without difficulty. At 13, I picked up an acoustic guitar, taught myself some chords, and it just happened. I had something to say, RIGHT NOW, and it just seemed right to parlay my metaphor into this medium. I was never any good at waiting for anything anyway, so I suppose I started in the music industry when I was 13 and never looked back. 

Me: What artists influence you?

THOMAS: I have been asked this question many times over the years. I used to have quick, canned answers, ones that just seemed to fit. But the world is so big. Right now, I am blasting "Marilyn Manson's" Killing Strangers because it's my mood right now. But at any given time, I morph. However, being that this is an interview, and a legitimate question asked, I would say I was raised on the great Singer/Songwriters such as Van Morrison, Lou Reed, Jackson Browne, and The Moody Blues. But I also loved just being in the moment with Jim Croce and Fleetwood Mac. There are just so many.

Me: What is your forte? That is song writing, performing, producing?

THOMAS: At one time, it was just song writing and performing. But at one point, I put the pen down and became a "Music Writer" ie; I interviewed folks for online mags and other publications. I learned so much about the business side of music. It changed me, it grew me up. I began to create a niche where there was none in some respect. I have performed at Rock Venues, Wine Bars, and also parlayed my skills to perform at places like Microsoft and Google. I would say as an artist, one MUST diversify in order to stay in the business, never take anything to personally, and LEARN EVERYTHING. What is my forte...My forte is simply knowing which hat to wear when I am presented with a new and challenging opportunity, and take that leap. I can play a song just as quickly as I can advice an up and comer on how to present themselves to a new venue for booking. And it is not because I am better, it is because I fell down...alot! But it's now how ya hit the mat, it's that ya get up. 

Me: What are your follow up projects to the LP Burn the Attic? 

THOMAS: Currently, I am working on my 3rd LP and I do expect it to be in it's final stages by Spring of 2016. While doing that, I am also acting as a Consultant to up and comers in the Seattle area as well. I remember the days when I would beat the street not knowing how or whom to contact just to get a gig. I believe in music and the arts, and I also believe in helping those who truly just want to make music because it is what they were born to do. When One finds their purpose in life, it is an exciting thing to be able to help. I have learned so much since I released "Burn The Attic". This 3rd LP will be more grown up, and much more solid, straight forward, and less metaphor. Life is what it is, and I plan to just tell it. 

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