Monday, October 12, 2009

Best Guitar Gear for 2010!


Looking for a gift for your favorite guitarist? Don't buy a thing until you check out this list of new items from our Best Guitar Gear for 2010. We've put together a Player's Pack of THE BEST essential gear that will be perfect for your favorite guitar hero! Here's our hot trio just to start it up....


Every serious guitar player will flip over the NEW Planet Waves Headstock Tuner! Unlike other headstock tuners it is very compact and even senses the low E string. Not effected by sounds from other guitars in the room because the piezo senses the vibrations from YOUR guitar. Small enough to stay on the headstock while your guitar is being stored in its case. Bright green / red LED shows you when you are in tune even on a darkly lit stage. Very accurate and easy to read. The best tuner I have used to date.


This is the latest capo creation from Planet Waves. Dual action is right!What you will like about this NEW capo is that it is fully adjustable for a snug, no buzz fit for nearly any guitar. The quick release clip action makes changing keys effortless. Better still, this capo does not pull your instrument out of tune as others can. Leaves no scratches or marks on my prized Martins. Made of super lightweight aluminum alloy in chic black. This is the one capo I use now in the studio and in concert. Don't leave home without it!


The thicker, shielded cables of the Custom Pro Series by Planet Waves have become legendary and with good reason. We featured their Circuit Breaker Guitar Cable last year and after several studio sessions and live shows, it has never failed. The Custom Pro Series follows this up with superior insulation and transparency. This is the perfect accessory for many newer acoustic / electric guitars marketed today but also for the dedicated electrics. We've changed over to the Custom Pro Series for our mic and guitar cables because you can really hear the difference. Reliability and quality set these cables apart from the pack. Made my day! These are the cables we are using in the studio for recording and in concert. See more cool guitar accessories online at PLANET WAVES

The Wrap....

Purchasing a guitar for someone else can be tricky. You really never know if the guitar you pick will be comfortable or playable for the person. Chances are they may already have an instrument. These are three key accessories that any guitarist would appreciate, even if they already own other versions of them. Treat them to a serious "upgrade" by purchasing this Best Guitar Gear for 2010's - Player's Pack! They will definitely thank you for it. More guitar gear goodies coming up. Yes, only the best for 2010!

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