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Best Guitar Gear for 2010!

Guitar Straps

Continuing our list of Best Guitar Gear for 2010 with guitar straps! We've checked out and tested the best straps for both acoustic and electric guitars with some very cool ideas for people with shoulder and or neck problems. In order to improve form and playing posture, most guitar instructors tell their students to practice playing standing up. You need a strap to do that! This also prepares you for the time that you will perform on stage. These selected straps all make great gifts for the guitarist in your life and will be cherished for years to come.

Sully's New Leather Guitar Strap

The Sully Strap has been voted the hands-down favorite of our guitar playing readers! Handcrafted one at a time in the U.S.A. and made to last as long as your instrument, (or longer)! 1" wide, #1 harness leather strap Shoulder piece 2" wide by 11.5" long harness leather. Also available with 7/8" wide strap and 1 3/4" wide x 9" long shoulder piece for smaller size guitars.

Infinitely adjustable several inches on both ends to the exact length required by the user. These are really custom guitar straps, cut to your size specifications and can be ordered to accomodate oversized pick up end pins if needed. This is the one that fits my Martin D-16GT with a pick up and is my choice for quality and value. $42.00

Martin High End Leather Strap
Martin's latest! This is truly a high end leather strap. Strap is made from the highest quality soft naked finish garment weight cowhide leather on the topside and underside, with a 1/4" foam and suede split core. The strap is complimented with the CF Martin embroidered logo and double stitched heavy thread detailing.
Buttery soft, it hugs you like a fine Italian leather glove!
Highly recommended for use with lighter, acoustic guitars. Available in Brown 18A0000 or Black 18A0001. $90.00

Planet Waves Deluxe Padded Leather Strap

The Deluxe Series sets the standard for leather straps. This particular strap is made of a very stiff leather and would be perfect for use with heavier or solid body guitars such as a Gibson Les Paul or Fender Stratocaster. However, good leather straps like these tend to break in, becoming softer over time. This two-ply garment leather strap has a padded inner core right where you need it.
The Deluxe Series exudes class and style, fashion and function. All feature an exclusive tapered contour designed to prevent twisting when used with acoustic guitars. The body of the straps is 4" longer than standard straps, giving you more support where you need it most. All are adjustable from 44.5" to 53" long. Price $89.00

I recommend using Meguiar's Gold Class Rich Leather Cleaner & Conditioner on all leather guitar straps. Meguiar's cleans, moisturizes and preserves leather with aloe and other anti-aging nutrients. It protects them from UV rays while imparting a beautiful luster to the leather. I've used it to restore faded, dried out leather too.

Planet Waves DARE Strap - Electric Guitar

Planet Waves has teamed up with product designer Troy Dare to bring you the patented Dare Strap. Unlike conventional straps, the Dare Strap allows your to equally distribute the weight of your instrument over both shoulders.Great for heavy instruments and players with back / neck conditions. This is the strap that I use on my Fender Stratocaster which is the heaviest solid body guitar that I own next to my Aria Pro II Fullerton model.

I've coupled this strap with a set of Ernie Ball Super Strap Locks for a amazingly secure connection. These strap locks also make it easy to take the strap off without overstretching the leather end holes. Ernie Ball Super Strap Locks can be used with all of the straps shown in this review except for perhaps the Martin High End Leather Strap due to its thickness.

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